Glen Alpine Falls in Lake Tahoe

I have performed many weddings at this incredibly dramatic site, which is just up the road from the Fallen Leaf Lake store and boat dock. Stanford University’s Retreat Center is also nearby. This wedding site is for a romantic couple with a very small party, because there’s not much parking. (Should you happen to be staying at the Stanford Camp, it’s an easy walk from the camp to the falls.) I did one wedding with a couple who loved dogs, and wanted several dogs–including mine–in the wedding party. The ceremony was great fun, with dogs of all colors and sizes!

This is my dog, Chewbacca, who has attended many of the weddings I’ve performed. He absolutely loves Glen Alpine weddings, as does everyone else. The water’s roar and the breathtaking scenery on a sunny day make the wedding uniquely memorable. To stand before such beauty and power inspires a couple to feel all the mightiness of their love. As you shout your promises of forever to your beloved, the water shouts its promise of eternity to you. Here is a site to feel the spirit of the wind and the spray of water on your face.

Of course, if you marry at Glen Alpine Falls in August or later, the falls are tiny: A musical babble rather than a roar will sing to you as you wed. Your visual background will be a wide expanse of gorgeous red rocks with many small veils of water descending. Your words will be heard, should you choose to record them. I urge my brides to walk the small distance from the road to the rocks in good walking shoes; this is not a site to approach in spiked high heels. Once in place, any shoes–or no shoes at all–will be fine.

If you are a spontaneous couple, which I have enjoyed the honor of wedding many, lately, I recommend an early morning, sunset, or weekday wedding. This spot gets very crowded during the day.

Happiness to all!

Pamela Camille, Rev.


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